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BC Coast Mountains Trip List

These are all BC Coast Mountains hiking trips that can be found on the site.  Within each group trips are listed alphabetically by name. The list is sortable; click on headers to sort by corresponding column.  Distance and Time metrics are given for return trip while Elevation column shows cumulative elevation gain. Follow the link for detail report about that trip;  most have map and GPS track you can download.   Click on section head links to corresponding photo gallery. 

Trips are grouped in following sections:


  1. North Shore Mountains (Golden Ears to Horseshoe Bay)
  2. Sea to Sky (Horseshoe Bay to Squamish)
  3. Squamish to Whistler
  4. North of Whistler


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North Shore Mountains

Name Distance (km) Elevation (m) Time (hr) Rating
Baden Powell 48 2850 14 D3/4
Dog Mountain 5 100 2 D2
Golden Ears 24 1900 12 D6
Lynn Lake 26 800 9 D6
Seymour, Mt. 12 1000 5 D4
Strachan, Mt. 12 850 4 D3/4
Suicide Bluffs 7 300 4 D3/4

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Sea to Sky

Name Distance (km) Elevation (m) Time (hr) Rating
Deeks Peak 21 1800 11 D6
Habrich Ridge 20 1000 8 D6
Harvey, Mt. 13 1400 7 D5
Lighthouse Park 6 250 4 D2
Skyline Ridge 20 850 6 D4
Stawamus Chief (Backside) 8 850 5 D6

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Squamish to Whistler

Name Distance (km) Elevation (m) Time (hr) Rating
Panorama Ridge (Garibaldi) 29 1500 9 D5
Rainbow Lake 18 800 6 D3/4
Sigurd Peak 20 2000 10 D5
Coin Lake 18 1250 7 D5

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North of Whistler

Name Distance (km) Elevation (m) Time (hr) Rating
Aragorn, Mt. (from Gandalf, return to Hut) 6 +190, -850 4 D5
Gandalf, Mt.  (from Hut, 1-way) 5 720 3 D4
Phelix Creek  (to Hut, 1-way with 2WD) 10 850 3 D3
Shadowfax, Mt. (return from Hut) 5 580 4 D5
Vantage Peak 20 1200 10 D5

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