Difficulty Ratings


Rating Description Examples

An easy hike on wide and maintained trail. 2-3 hours of average hiking time and less than 100m of elevation gain. Suitable for families

Rice Lake Wapta Falls

Easy to moderate half-day hike on established trail. No more than 5 hours of average hiking time. Gentle gradient, rolling terrain and less than 500m of elevation gain

Lighthouse Park Boom Lake

Moderate day-hike on established trail. 5-7 hours of average hiking time. Moderate gradient, occasional steep and/or rough sections.  Less than 1000m of elevation gain

Baden Powell Healy Pass

Difficult day-hike or backpack into less traveled areas. More than 7 hours of average hiking time. Extended steep and/or rough sections, possible bushwhack and off-trail travel.  Cumulative elevation gain might exceed 1000m

Mt. Seymour Devil's Thumb

Easy Scramble,  technical crux not harder than class 2 YDS

Sigurd Peak Caldron Lake

Moderate Scramble, technical crux not harder than class 3 YDS

Golden Ears Noseeum Peak

Difficult Scramble, technical crux not harder than class 4 YDS

West Lion Pilot Mtn



Snow Ratings



Rating Description Examples
S1 Front country or low elevation trail without snow accumulation. Snowshoes not required Buntzen Lake Lake Louise
S2 Easy snowshoe on mainly flat and maintained trail. No avalanche danger.

Stawamus Chief

Consolation Lakes
S3 Moderate snowshoe. Trail is marked most of the way. Steep sections might be present bellow treeline. Ice-axe generally not required.

Panorama Ridge (Garibaldi)

East End of Rundle
S4 Difficult trip with plenty of steep sections. Portions might be above treeline on steep slopes where ice-axe and knowledge of self-arrest might be required. Mt. Harvey Mt. Jimmy Simpson
S5 Advanced trip, reserved only for fit individuals experienced in winter travel. Extended steep sections. Open slopes above treeline with considerable avalanche danger. Markings might be poor or entirely absent. Ice-axe and knowledge of self-arrest technique is mandatory Castle Towers Big Bend Peak





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