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I've been avid hiker for most of my life, blessed with opportunity to visit many mountain ranges on this planet. This gallery showcases prominent Mountain Peaks; majority inevitably comes from Canada, but there is also a selection from other parts of the world.

Individual images have brief caption and sometimes link that redirects to page or gallery with more info. High-Res resolution and Image cost are also specified; if you would like to download high-res copy, please use "Purchase" link on main site menu for further details and contact.
Mount Everest and Hillary StepAnnapurna IIIFish Tail in cloudsAnnapurna IcefallMount Robson and Berg LakeAlberta GiantsWinter in Garibaldi ParkGargoyle PortraitMillion Dollar ViewLefroy AvalancheDwarfedThe MonarchMatterhorn of the RockiesCascade MountainFay GlacierMount SarbachSaint NicholasCastleguard MountainMount SaskatchewanMount Hungabee