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When single frame can not accommodate entire scene, wide angle Panoramas come into play. This is specially true for landscape photography but I find multi-frame stitching approach works really well for other subjects, including architecture. Another benefit is increased resolution and sharpness on pixel level achieved by software blending in post-processing. As such images in this gallery are of highest quality standard from technical standpoint.

Individual images have brief caption and sometimes link that redirects to page or gallery with more info. High-Res resolution and Image cost are also specified; if you would like to download high-res copy, please use "Purchase" link on main site menu for further details and contact.
Edge of TomorrowGaribaldi PanoramaAylmer ViewpointPhi Phi ViewpointReclining Gold BuddhaVincom CenterBow River and Rundle RangeThe RockwallBaker LakeHowse RiverSleeping Moss Lady