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Cambodia was last country visited in January ’20 SE Asia Indochina tour. It ended as mixed bag; my whole life I wanted to see famous Angkor Wat, but ended up being disapointed. Oppressive heat and air pollution coupled with huge amount of people were main reasons. Still it is hard to completely dismiss this unique architectural site with mind blowing Khmer ruins. I rented bicycle and this is in my opinion best way to move around. Complex is HUGE and it would take at least a week to see everything properly, but I made most of my 3 days pass and visited most popular sites: Ta Prohm, Bayon and of course Angkor Wat main temple itself. I also woke up for fabled sunrise but it ended up way below expectations; best time from photography perspective is in Sep/Oct when sun rises directly above the Temple. However some of the murals, captured with high-end 70-300L Canon lens I hauled during entire trek, are superb!

Besides Angkor Wat I also spent few days in Phnom Penh - Tuol Sleng War Genocide Museum and Killing Fields left ever lasting impression. COVID-19 Pandemic emergence has put an unusual stamp on otherwise stellar SE Asia trip and facing global uncertainty like never before I hurried back to Canada. I’d like to come back to Angkor Wat at some other time as place simply breaths magnificence; this was just not the right time.
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