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Panoramic Views east from Jumpingpound Summit.  Moose Mtn.  center, Prairie Mtn. to its left.  Prairies and Calgary far upper left


Overall Difficulty D3 Moderately steep ascent to the treeline followed by ridge-walk on open terrain
Snow Factor S2 Ridge is frequently windblown and free of snow.  Snowshoes or spikes might be required on the ascent
Scenery Sweeping scenery of front ranges and foothills
Trail/Marking Excellent Wide switchbacks to the ridge, shared with mountain bikers.  All junctions are marked. Trail fades on occasion in open terrain along the ridge but way is obvious.
Suggested Time 5-6 hrs Time for approach from Lusk Pass trailhead.  Much variations are possible to shorten or extend the day
Elevation Start: 1640m     Max: 2250m     Total: ~650m Round Trip: ~16km (return via Powderface road)
Gear Day hikers sufficient in dry conditions.  Micro-spikes useful in shoulder season or winter because of ice below treeline.  Wind-breaker essential as ridge is wind-blown year round
Water Dry hike. Carry 1.5-2L
Dog Friendly Yes Standard back-country travel precautions




  Cox Hill junction looking south to start of Jumpingpound ridge

Open ridge with views east to Moose Mountain

Central part of the ridge. Summit is bump roughly photo center

Looking back length of north ridge. Cox Hill center right

Final summit approach.  South ridge trail branches to the right

Summit views looking NW to sea of front-range peaks

Summit views NE to Moose Mountain group

Connecting ridge between Moose north and south summits



Jumpingpound is fantastic ridgewalk with open views on east side of Powderface road in front ranges of K-country.  Many variations are possible; presented here is loop hike that ascends the ridge from Lusk Pass trailhead and descends back to Powderface road via "Jumpingpound summit trail" (most direct route). Bicycle or 2 cars are good idea in this case, as return involves ~5km of rather mundane gravel road walk. Otherwise return the same way -- or if the time is short, simply ascend via the summit trail.  It is also possible to approach starting at Canyon Creek further south along Powderface road, or even do a full day by starting from Dawson trailhead near Sibbald junction and traversing Cox Hill along the way.  Note that Powderface road is closed December 1 - May 14.


Park at Lusk Pass trailhead, about 11km from Sibbald trail junction.  Road is fairly rough at spots, due to damage in spring '13 epic floods but still 2WD passable.  If coming from Calgary, it is also possible - but a bit longer - to approach via Bragg Creek / Elbow Trail, instead of Sibbald road.  There is parking room at both sides of the road.  TCT (Trans-Canada trail) sign is here too.  Cross the bridge over Jumpingpound creek (brand new post floods) then settle for long series of switchbacks.  Mind the mountain bikers.  ~1hr of steady ascent (4km, 450m vertical) brings you to junction with Cox Hill trail. Continue right and break treeline. Trail ascends to the ridge, then briefly dips in the forest again on the left (east) side.  From there it is delightful open ridgewalk with sweeping views all around, leading to Jumpingpound 'summit' -- highest bump along the ridge.   Moose Mtn. looks fantastic from this angle lit by late afternoon light.  You can readily study connecting ridge that curls NE before ascending Moose mountain -- fantastic long day option.


From Jumpingpound summit either return the same way, or drop south and follow trail to the junction with east ridge.  Continuing straight would eventually bring you to Canyon Creek;  turn right and descend to Powderface Road (about 3km from the summit only).  Hopefully second car, or at least a bicycle is waiting here in order to avoid 5km road walking back to Lusk Pass trailhead.