Kananaskis Country

K-country is Calgary playground.  Despite being exhaustively researched in Daffern K-country Trail guides, it still offers plenty of unspoiled wilderness to seasoned back-country explorer.

Hiking sections have been grouped around access roads.  Main artery is Kananaskis Trail (Hwy 40), heading south from Trans-Canada over Highwood Pass to Longview.  Foothills trails are centered around Elbow Trail (Hwy 66) and seasonally closed Powderface trail.  Most beautiful alpine with expansive meadows, lakes and glaciers is along Spray Lakes road that connects Kananaskis Lakes and Canmore.  This section is adjacent to east border of Banff National Park.   Mt. Shark trailhead is also launching pad for Mt. Assiniboine - one of most beautiful and celebrated areas in Canadian Rockies!

This is very magical area that connects prairies, aspen forests and foothills with lakes, peaks and classic alpine scenery;  it offers lifetime of enjoyment spent in outdoor exploration.

Area Trip Type Rating
Bow Acephale Crags Half Day Hike D2/3
Bow Bow Valley Provincial Park Half Day Hike D1/2
Bow Heart/MacEwan Horseshoe Scramble D5
Powderface Jumpingpound Mtn. Day Hike D3
Powderface Powderface Ridge Day Hike D3
Highwood Picklejar Lakes Day Hike D3
Highwood Rae Lake Day Hike D3
Hwy40 Allan, Mt. via Centennial Ridge Day Hike/Scramble D4/5
Hwy40 Fortress Ridge Bike + Hike D4
Hwy40 Galatea Lakes Day Hike D3
Hwy40 Mackay Hills Long Day Hike D4/5
Hwy40 Marmot Creek Waterfalls Half Day Hike D3
Hwy40 McConnell Ridge Day Hike D2/4
Hwy40 Midnight Peak Scramble D5
Hwy40 Porcupine Ridge Scramble D5
Hwy40 Wasootch Peak Scramble D4
K-Lakes Little Lawson Day Hike D4
K-Lakes Rawson Ridge Day Hike D2/4
K-Lakes Turret, The Scramble D5
K-Lakes Upper K-Lake Circuit Day Hike D3
Spray Burstall Pass Peak Snowshoe D4
Spray Fortune, Mt. Snowshoe D5
Spray Lougheed, Little Scramble D4
Spray Orphan, The Scramble D4
Spray Reads Tower Scramble D5
Spray Red Ridge / Sparrowhawk Tarns Scramble D5
Spray Rummel Ridge Snowshoe D4
Spray Smutwood Peak Scramble D5