Jasper: Point of no Return


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Trails of Jasper
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Icefields Maligne Pass Backpack D4
Maligne The Watchtower Day Hike D4

As a student living in different part of the world I had a poster of mountain lake framed by distant snow-caped peaks.  Never knowing name or location I often marveled its unique beauty.  Years passed and I moved to Canada; one day time came for first visit to Jasper NP.  I drove Maligne road, still not aware what lies at its end.  Seeing the poster lake from my youth my jaw simply dropped!  Things were never quite the same again and my life took drastic turn to outdoor oriented lifestyle.

Jasper was granted national park status in 1930 and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.  Common access is 3.5 hour drive from Edmonton, AB along Yellowhead Hwy.  Jasper townsite is also north terminus of Icefields Parkway, considered by many the most scenic drive in the world.  It is considerably less developed and more wild than Banff NP.  Space is first thing that comes to mind -- winding Athabasca valley, immense Maligne and Brazeau backcountry lakes and multi-day bakcpacking routes such as North and South boundary trails.

Pins on the map identify major hiking areas.  Included trails are not strictly bound to national park boundary. South part past Poboktan creek to Lake Louise is in Icefields section, while Mt. Robson / Berg Lake is included due to geographical proximity to Jasper townsite.