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Hello and Welcome!  Primary purpose of this site is 2-fold:

  • Trip reports from hikes in Canadian Rockies, BC Coast Mountains and wider
  • Outdoors Photography

I am based in Western Canada but have been hiking various trails of this planet for some odd 50 years.  Love for photography was born of natural impulse to frame the beauty found in great outdoors and share with others.  Primary content is presented in form of hiking guidebook; most also have free GPS track. Best images can also be purchased through standard Zenfolio interface.


Word about the adds you might have noticed.  I dislike them more than most people & I have tried to keep them down to minimum.  I make very little on them and can not recover even half the cost of site maintenance.  I can also recommend completely free add-blocker  - it is very efficient, and you won't see single add anywhere on Internet if you install it!


I constantly keep updating the site, so check back often!  You can also register for free account which allows for guestbook access, favorite photographs and range of other features.

Thinking about trying to sell your own photos at some of online stock sites?         Stock photography by Autumn Sky at Alamy