Banff-Louise: The Majesty of Rockies

Banff National Park!  Canada's oldest National Park, established in 1885, and 2nd oldest in the world after Yellowstone in US.  Nothing spells the majesty of Canadian Rocky mountains more than Lake Louise - glacially fed emerald colored lake at the foot of Mt. Victoria and Mt. Temple - 3rd highest peak in southern Rockies.  East gate is just an hour drive from major international airport in Calgary along Trans-Canada Highway. Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock this way in summer months straining resources and hiking infrastructure, but majesty still remains.  Some of best known ski terrains in the world are also here - from Norquay and Sunshine near Banff to slopes on east side of Lake Louise.

This part of the website covers variety of trails centered around Banff-Louise hubs. Not entire Banff NP is included - trails north of Lake Louise are listed in Icefields section.  As usual, pins on the map indicate common trailheads. Trail list is not final by largest stretch, but it does include characteristic and most scenic trips.  Particular attraction is Skoki - beautiful compact area east of Lake Louise with many sparking lakes, fantastic meadows and peaks.  It is also the best place to see larches in late September when air is crisp and golden needless lit whole area on fire.

Link to Banff/Louise portal will help you plan your adventure -- it also includes exhaustive list of various webcams (found under "Plan Your Trip" tab).  And finally  visit my photo gallery;  after you are done browsing, please leave the feedback in Guestbook section.  

Area Trip Type Rating
Banff Mt. Aylmer  Scramble D4(6)
Banff Cascade Fireroad X-Country Ski D2/3
Banff Ghost to Minnewanka Day Hike D3
Banff Sulphur Mountain Day Hike D3
Castle Arnica and Twin Lakes Day Hike D3
Castle Boom Lake X-Country Ski D2
Castle Johnston Canyon - Ink Pots Half-Day Hike D2
Castle Rockbound Lake Day Hike/Snowshoe D3
Castle Taylor Lake - Panorama Meadows Day Hike D3
Louise Consolation Lakes Half-Day Hike D2/3
Louise Devil's Thumb Day Hike D4
Louise Little Temple Scramble D5
Louise Horseshoe Lakes Day Hike D4
Louise Wenkchemna Pass Day Hike D3/4
Skoki Heather Ridge Snowshoe D5
Skoki Merlin Lake Backpack D4
Skoki Wolverine Ridge Snowshoe D3/4
Sunshine Eohippus Lake Day Hike D3/4
Sunshine Healy Pass - Monarch Ramparts Day Hike D3/4
Sunshine Healy Pass Peak Snowshoe D3/4
Sunshine Twin Cairns Day Hike D4