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Landscapes are favorite of all outdoor photographer. Good landscape shot is all about depth of field - everything from near foreground to far background needs to appear sharp. Here are some common tips:

1) Step down your aperture. Most lens have "sweet spot" around F8, but F10 or F11 are recommended for landscapes.

2) Do not underestimate the importance of foreground. It needs to captivate viewer attention, and naturally lead into the rest of the photo.

3) Good rule of thumb is to focus on spot twice the distance of your foreground. For example if your foreground is 5m away, focus on spot 10m away. This should ensure proper depth of field through the frame.

4) Polarizer. Almost without exception it will help your landscape shots. It enriches the sky and eliminates glare from water surfaces between other things.

5) Like with everything else, photo needs to be interesting. It needs to "say something". Ask yourself: What is the first thing viewer notices when looking at the pic. Does it captivate attention?
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