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Some basic tips for great waterfall shots are listed below. Like with most other things - practice makes perfect!

1. Use the Tripod
Even the steadiest hand can not avoid shake if exposure is longer than 1/2 sec

2. Use long exposure
Silky smooth effect of water ribbons is result of long exposure. 5-8 seconds is optimal, longer is ok.

3. Prefer low-light conditions
In mid-day there is too much light for long exposure. When non-avoidable, lowest ISO setting, low aperture (high F number) and polarizer might help

4. Develop your photos
Use layer masks to selectively edit parts of the photo. Low highlights for water ribbons with extra contrast. Extra brightness (10-12) for water ribbons - use small brush. Combine emerald green filter for vegetation and warming filter for rocks

Gallery contains some shots I took over the time; each one has description, and technical details
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