Canmore: The End of the Road

There was always some presentiment I'd settle in Canmore - on my arrival to Alberta in May '90 first job I ever applied for was for technician at gravel plant in Exshaw.  I was turned down as time was not right, but deep belief I'd eventually end up in Bow valley remained. Calgary is just 1 hour east, but my road was rather roundabout and took me to San Diego, CA and Vancouver, BC first. Eventually I settled in Canmore in May '15 what is to be final station on my journey.  Canmore - end of the road, and separate page on my site.

 City started as coal mining community in late 19th century. Mining artifacts can be found even today - take the hiking trail from Bow bridge to Quarry Lake on south side of the valley, and you will see shafts and warning signs.  Mining days are long gone, and modern Canmore is mainly tourism oriented.  Ever increasing amount of tourists, in particular in summer months, still can not diminish small community spirit.  Situated just outside east gate of Banff NP and north of Kananaskis country it is mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.

Area map with red pins indicates sections of interest from hiking perspective.  See table on the right side for links to variety of trails I explored over the time (the list is sortable - click on column headers). Community portal links to external page that contains just about any piece of information you might need.  Some of best photos I ever took are in my Canmore gallery; after you finish browsing please feel free to sign my guestbook telling me what you think and what else you'd like to find here.

Section Trail Difficulty
Cougar Creek Echo Canyon D5
Cougar Creek Grotto Mountain D5
Dead Man's Flat Collembola Mt - Jubilee Tarns D6
Dead Man's Flat Pigeon Mountain D4
Dead Man's Flat Wind Ridge D4
Grassi Lakes Grassi Lakes - Whiteman Pond D2
Quarry Lake Grassi Knob D4
Three Sisters (Base of) Little Sister D5
Three Sisters Middle Sister D5
Whiteman Gap East End of Rundle D5
Whiteman Gap Ha Ling - Miners Peak D4