Canadian Rockies Trail Guide

July 23, 2021
Recently Autumn Sky has been contacted by Banff based Summerthought Publishing, well-known publisher of outdoor guidebooks. They are interested in using my photos for upc...
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Microstock Earnings through June 2021

July 22, 2021
My Microstock Earnings in June '21 came to 208.74, best month of the year so far and second best month since inception! This was the result of above average month on Alam...
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Tikal Pano that fetched a $100

July 03, 2021
Stock photography is race to the bottom with contributor compensation rates constantly falling to the point of nonsense, but every once awhile nice surprise comes around...
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Hiking during Heat Wave

June 28, 2021
Historic heat wave descended upon Western Canada end of June '21. Daytime temps in the Rockies approached 40 Celsius; what is more worrying though was unprecedented night...
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Microstock Earnings through May 2021

June 16, 2021
My Microstock Earnings in May '21 came to 117.92, decrease of 12% compared to previous month, but slight increase compared to May '20 (Covid horror month). Adobe is again...
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