Annual Trip Logs
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2016 Trips

XC Ski @ Elk PassXC Ski @ Elk Pass Jan 2:  XC Ski @ Elk Pass

Jan 9:  Pigeon Mountain

Chester LakeChester LakeChester Lake in Winter Jan 25:  Chester Lake

Gypsum RidgeGypsum Ridge Feb 3:  Gypsum Ridge

Rummel LakeRummel Lake Feb 10:  Rummel Lake

Feb 15:  Rummel Ridge

Mt. Sir DouglasMt. Sir Douglas Feb 25:  Burstall Pass Peak

Association HillAssociation Hill Mar 4:  Association Hill

Mar 11: Ha Ling - Miners Peak

Mar 18: Mt. Fortune

Mar 26: Porcupine Ridge

Apr 1: Emerald Lake Circuit

Apr 8: Howse Pass Trail

Apr 18: Cougar Peak (Canmore)

Apr 20: Aylmer Ridge

May 2: Two Summits of Midnight

May 6: Grassi Lakes / Whiteman Pond

Ptarmigan Lake from Packer's PeakPtarmigan Lake from Packer's Peak May 7: Springtime in Skoki

Fortress RidgeFortress Ridge May 15: Fortress Ridge

Consolation LakesConsolation Lakes May 24: Consolation Lakes

May 31: Arnica and Twin Lakes

June 3: Acephale Crags

June 5: Alexandra River

June 17: Marmot Creek Waterfalls

June 20: Devil's Thumb

June 29: Taylor Lake

July 4: Little Temple

July 11: Emerald Basin

Kananaskis LakesKananaskis LakesViews from Rawson Ridge July 21: Rawson Ridge

July 24: Mt. Jimmy Simpson

July 29: Healy Pass - Monarch Ramparts

Aug 5: Middle Sister

Pinto LakePinto LakeView from Sunset Pass to Pinto Lake and down Cline River Aug 15: Sunset Pass

Aug 16: Big Bend Peak

Aug 21: Mt. Andromache

Aug 30: Grassi Knob (East Ridge)

Sep 1:  McConnell Ridge Traverse

Sep 9:  Galatea Lakes

Sep 13:  Smutwood Peak

Sep 14:  Bow Valley Provincial Park

Sep 15-16:  Skoki - Merlin

Opabin PlateauOpabin Plateau Sep 26:  O'Hara: Wiwaxy to Opabin

Sep 29:  Rae Lake

Larix LakeLarix LakePanoramic view of Larix Lake. Monarch upper left, Twin Cairns ridge center right Oct 3:  Twin Cairns (Sunshine)

Oct 12:  Little Beehive

Oct 21:  Jumpingpound Mtn.

Oct 30:  Powderface Ridge

Upper Kananaskis LakeUpper Kananaskis Lake Nov 4:  Upper K-Lake Circuit

Nov 10:  Mt. Allan via Centennial Ridge

Nov 29:  Wind Ridge

XC Ski @ Mt. SharkXC Ski @ Mt. Shark Dec 13:  XC Ski @ Watridge Lake

Dec 21:  Lake Minnewanka @ LM8

Yamnuska RidgeYamnuska Ridge Dec 26:  Yam Shoulder

Dec 30:  Johnston Canyon - Ink Pots